Stump Grinding

in the Aurora Area

Stump grinding is essential to the health and physical appearance of your yard. Unfortunately, stump grinding can be expensive. At Angeles Tree Service, we believe in delivering great value. We begin by surveying your property and deciding what type of grinder is needed. With such close proximity to septic fields, sprinkler systems, and underground wires, you can see why it’s best to leave stump grinding to the professionals.

Stump grinders come in many sizes, from about the size of a lawn mower to the size of a truck. Most get the job done with of a high-speed blade that grinds the stump and roots into small chips (that’s another spot where it pays to hire professionals).

At the end of the day, the team at Angeles Tree Service will leave your yard looking healthy and vibrant, with work that always includes first-rate safety and clean up.